7 things to know before visiting Tanzania

With Easter and summer holidays on the way, now would be a good time to prepare for your upcoming holiday to Tanzania. We put together some important facts and factors that will help you organize yourself before you visit this beautiful country. Here are 7 things to know before visiting Tanzania:

Kilimanjaro, Safari and Zanzibar:

Since you are coming this far, we definitely recommend that you book a package that covers most of the country. This way you make the most of your trip here. You cannot visit Tanzania without visiting the Serengeti National Park, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and seeing the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar. We do understand that for some time is the limit, and there are some who cannot go on long safari drives or commit to a 7-day hike. That is understandable. Because of this reason, you can approach us and we will tailor make a safari that matches your needs. A package that will ensure you make the most of your trip here.


Best time to travel:

This largely depends on whether you are going on safari, beach holiday or up Kilimanjaro. For safari lovers, the best time to visit would be between June and October in order to witness the great migration. Zanzibar is great between December and February, where it gets quite hot and sunny. However, any time of the year is good for Zanzibar since it’s a tropical climate and generally always warm. Kilimanjaro is generally good to climb all year round too, but April and November do get rainy, so try visit in the drier months.

A natural wonder:

The geographic landscapes and the wildlife here will take your breath away. So, carry a good camera so you can cherish all the memories from your trip. From the massive Ngorongoro Crater to the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, you will be left fascinated. Lake Manyara too is a wonder on its own, with both its huge size and amazing wildlife. To add to this, Tanzania also has some smaller less spoken about wonders, like the hot springs and coffee plantations.

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The local currency in Tanzania is the Tanzanian Shilling. So if you are wondering how to handle your money here, we advise that you bring US dollars which is widely accepted here and also can be changed when needed.


Tanzania is generally a safe country with kind people. Violence is very uncommon, but theft can be of concern in certain areas. Therefore make your bookings with prominent companies and use a taxi recommended by your tour agent. Avoid isolated areas and keep all your important items like passport and wallet safe and zipped in a body cross bag or in a safe box.

Home to the Maasai tribe:

Did you know Tanzania is also home to the Maasai people just like Kenya? We would like to add that meeting the fascinating maasai tribe is also a must! So visiting a local maasai village should be on your to-do list. It only takes a day, so make some time for this.


Local language:

The locals here speak in Swahili. English is understood but not so often spoken. It would help to have a few Swahili words in your diary, it will help an awful lot! Here are some questions you can learn how to ask:

How much does this cost?

How can I get here?

How are you?

What is your name?

Can you take me to this place?


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