Viva Africa Tours – A different adventure every day

We’re Viva Africa Tours. We’re a Tanzanian tour operator based on the slopes of majestic Kilimanjaro and this is what makes us happy:

A different adventure every day. For you.

You might love the thrill of climbing an ancient volcano like Kilimanjaro or the freedom of hiking a new trail in the Usambara Mountains; you might want to experience a Serengeti safari buzzing with the wildlife you’ve only ever seen on the TV. You might want to photograph the color and bustle of everyday Zanzibar life; you might want to laze on white sand tropical beaches under cloudless skies. We understand that everyone wants a different adventure, and our dream is to make your dreams come true.

Ok, that sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s real and it’s why we get up in the morning. Because having adventures every day is what makes all of us feel alive – hence our name, Viva Africa Tours. (OK, technically we should be Viva Tanzania Tours but we’d already printed the flyers.)

We believe that the joy of life is in having adventures, big and small, and that’s why Alfred Michael started the company.

I’m a mountain and safari guide and I want to help people do the things I’ve done and see the things I’ve seen – the last rays of the African sunset, a delicious stew after a hard day’s climbing, or the roar of a lioness in the Tanzania grasslands. It’s the small things in life that make big adventures. My team are here to find you your adventure.

So, whatever your dream and whatever your budget, give the team a call. The adventure starts now.

Why Viva Africa Tours?

People choose us because we have the experience, knowledge and the imagination to create an adventure that is just right for each traveller. Every member of our team is dedicated to making your vacation in Tanzania your best vacation yet. We know that your holiday time is precious; it’s a time to unwind, to experience a different life, and even to rediscover yourself. So we work hard to make your holiday a magical experience.

Our team is diverse. We’re climbers, hikers, mountaineers, safari guides, chefs, botanists and photographers. We love good food. We love beauty. We love our country, Tanzania, and we know it well. We’re all about choice and expertise. With Viva Africa Tours you can choose to tour in small groups with people just like you or set your free spirit loose with independent private travel. You can climb Kilimanjaro the hard way – or the less hard way (there’s no easy way. Sorry!). Your adventure can be safari, volcano, beaches and more and you can pick from camping, glamping, beachfront villas or luxuriating in the best forest lodges. It can be almost too painful to choose!

We’re based in Moshi on the slopes of Kilimanjaro itself and we’re a perfect centre for a tour of Kilimanjaro; but that’s only one adventure of many. The team are here to help you choose and make your vacation one you’ll never forget. Call us now -we’d love to help you decide.

Explore with Tanzania’s friendliest tour company

We know you like choice and you like adventure, so we have both. There are many ways we can help you escape or explore, whether you have all the time in the world or only a few days to spend in Tanzania.

Here are two of our most popular choices:

Guided small group tours:
Small group travel is great if you want a culturally immersive and richer experience. You’ll really get to know and bond with the people on the tour with you, as well as with our brilliant guides like Frankie and Aloyce and our chefs like Mchina – whose talents include cooking beautiful meals for all kinds of special diets! For an authentic, adventurous tour, you’re in safe hands.

Viva Africa Tours Team
Private escorted travel:

Choose an escorted private tour just for friends or family for an unforgettable and unrepeatable experience. Maybe you’re looking for the challenge of Kilimanjaro, or a breathtaking safari across the Serengeti or the Ngorongoro Crater, or a kaleidoscope of culture including spice and coffee farms, giant turtles and trendy African film festivals. Whatever you’d like, we’ll arrange it and our local knowledge, connections and love for all things Tanzania means that you’ll have a rich and fascinating experience.

Style and adventure for every budget

We know that everyone’s different and so is every budget. Maybe you’ve saved up and want every cent to work hard during your holiday; we understand that-we’ve been there, in our early days. Or maybe your budget is bigger than our national debt. Whatever you’d like to spend, we have a remarkable holiday waiting for you.

For budget travellers, we’ve a dizzying choice of tours and accommodation choices that will be kind to your wallet but not compromise on comfort, cuisine or safety. Choose from wild camping, homely eco-lodges, and friendly hotels, accompanied by some of the nicest, most knowledgeable people in Tanzania – our guides.

For those who’d like to spend a little more, we have a choice of activities and tours with that little bit extra pizzazz, and for those of us who love a little luxury, we have a range of beautiful accommodation with five star service across all our tours.

Our services

We pride ourselves on our local knowledge, our good relationships with a range of other businesses and our customer service, which means we can give you the advice and service you need for your best holiday yet. Our services include:

  • A wide range of all-inclusive fully-guided tours, including eleven tours up Kilimanjaro, safari in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater and beaches and culture in Zanzibar.
  • Fully inclusive day trips to fascinating places.
  • Transfers: we’ll get you to and from the airport in our own vehicles driven stylishly but sensibly by our drivers.
  • Recommendation of things to do and see in Tanzania. Our local knowledge is second to none so who knows what you might find yourself doing?
  • Tips to make your stay in Tanzania comfortable, safe and fun.

Our partners

We partner with fantastic tour operators across Africa to offer you extended vacation choices. We only work with trusted, safe and efficient organisations and operators whose standards are as high as our own.

Our partners in Kenya are Mara Explorers Camp, a friendly and knowledgeable company who will welcome you to the breathtaking Maasai Mara and other areas of Kenya.

Our partner Amahoro Tours, offers tours through Rwanda and the DRC.

We’re also the travel expert for Tanzania for our German partner Mister Trip, a centre of expertise for travellers looking for adventure the world over.

Team Members

Alfred Michael
Owner & Managing Director
Mountain Guide
Safari Guide
Safari Chef
Safari Chef