A Beginner’s Guide to Climbing Kilimanjaro

Hello adventure lovers! If you are looking for some thrill and planning your next adventure (climbing Kilimanjaro, of course!) – well, you are on the right page.

Thousands of travelers from all over the world fly to Tanzania for the perfect Safari, to spot the Big Five or simply to visit Zanzibar island. But you should know, Tanzania has even more to offer. From the stunning Mount Meru to its most precious gem, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Here we will give you some vital information so that you know what to expect when hiking up Kilimanjaro.

Firstly, it is NOT as tough as you may expect. Anyone can do it, as long as you are in good health. However, it may be a tough hike as you approach the peak, especially for those prone to altitude sickness. It is therefore good to take precaution.

The mountain has various routes up – you can choose to take 5 days or even 9 days depending on your time allowance. The longer routes are generally easier, since you get time to acclimatize to the altitude. Our personal favorite is the Lemosho route. It takes longer but is a treat to the eyes! The scenery changes as you go higher – lots of different kinds of vegetation. And hey, the weather gets colder too! Be prepared for freezing cold temperatures as you approach Uhuru Peak.

Do keep yourself hydrated throughout the climb and also take some wet wipes with you because you will not be able to shower – the most you can have is a French bath with a bowl of hot water. You will be camping at different spots every day, and your porters are always there to set up the camp. Breakfast is an important meal, so make sure you nourish your body well every morning when you wake up for breakfast. You will usually be provided with mineral water.

Make sure you get your health checked with your doctor, so you know that you are fit for climbing Kilimanjaro. Buy your hiking gear – like hiking boots, the right clothes as well as other personal items. Pack minimal, but necessary clothing. The weather changes drastically so you need clothes for the heat, rain and snow too!Report this ad

You will land at Kilimanjaro International Airport and then be transferred to Moshi or Arusha. Ideally, Moshi is a good starting point with great accommodation options as well. Book your hike well in advance. At Viva Africa Tours we do our best so that you get quality service and a smooth climb.

Last but not the least, check the immigration requirements before you fly to Tanzania. Visa requirements and Yellow Fever card are priorities. You can also combine a Safari with climbing Kilimanjaro or a beach getaway with Kilimanjaro. If you want to spend more time in Tanzania, we recommend that you use your time to see the National Parks as well.

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