Discovering Lake Manyara

Are you interested in discovering Lake Manyara? This massive lake is situated in the northern part of Tanzania, not too far from Tarangire National park. It is an unconventional route for many, but because it is situated in a relatively small National Park, you can always fit this into your itinerary. There are numerous safari lodges nearby as well, where you can enjoy a luxury stay as well as a small safari.



Here is what we love about Lake Manyara:

The flamingoes of Lake Manyara:

These very aesthetically pleasing birds are a major attraction, because of their uniqueness. Their unique pink colored feathers make them very attractive.  Did you know that there are six species of flamingoes, of which each species has its own sub-species? The beautiful bird belongs to the Phoenicopteridae, the name of the scientific family.

Lake Manyara-11

Tree climbing Lions of Lake Manyara:

This is a remarkable experience because tree-climbing lions are a rare sight indeed. The lions tend to escape the heat and tse-tse flies by climbing on the trees. You will be able to witness this if you are very lucky.


Tree-Top canopy walk:

You must have heard of the tree-top canopy walk, and this can be found at none other than Lake Manyara National Park. Get to experience something totally different from the usual Safari. Imagine walking among tree tops, through a series of suspended bridges. This is where one can really appreciate the life in the tree tops, with lots of birdlife and blue monkeys. The forest is quite lush and you’ll be sure to love the views and sounds around you!

Elephants of Lake Manyara:

We like to think of the elephant as the gentle giant. Elephants are peaceful animals, as long as they are not provoked. But again, aren’t most animals peaceful until provoked by humans?


Find loads of elephants feeding on the greenery at Lake Manyara National park.


These very interesting animals can be spotted at most National Parks in Tanzania. You will definitely see them at Lake Manyara, too. It’s intriguing to note that the hippos spend most of their days in the Lake/Hippo pool in order to stay cool, given that most days in Africa are quite warm. However, they can still see and breathe while in the water because their eyes and nose are above their heads. What’s more, they actually sweat a red liquid to keep themselves moist! BUT you must know, these creatures are one of the most dangerous in the world because of their tendency to get aggressive.

Gorgeous views:

The views of the soda-ash lake, amazing sunsets and sunrises, are another reason to visit this place. We recommend staying at a lodge that faces the lake, so that you can enjoy the magnificent views every morning and evening.

Lake Manyara-20

We recommend combining Lake Manyara with another safari, because this is a fairly small park that will only need  a day to explore.

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