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Moshi is a small, bustling town that nestles in the gently-sloping foothills of the majestic Kilimanjaro. It’s the traditional jump-off point for the brave souls that attempt Kilimanjaro but Moshi isn’t just about climbing. It has a spirit and energy all its own, and, although the grand beauty of Kilimanjaro looming in the distance is ever-present, it’s worth exploring for its colour, bustling markets and daily lives of its Chagga residents.

Take the daladala with the locals to ride around town and stop at one of the many streetside cafes for coffee and cake while you decide between which of the many day trips available. That’s the beauty of Moshi – it’s so well placed for a myriad of affordable experiences.

If you’re a culture vulture then there are treats aplenty in the nearby Maasai villages. Explore the Chagga underground caves, which, centuries ago, protected the Chagga from the marauding Maasai; visit a coffee farm to find out about how coffee is grown, harvested and roasted – and you’ll have the opportunity to prepare your own!

If you love nature then you’re spoiled for choice. The hikes surrounding Moshi are truly breathtaking. If you’d like to explore the spirit of Kilimanjaro without the actual climb, then its foothills will present you with miles of paths through valleys and along ridges, through lush rainforest alive with birdsong and colobus chatter, and even up into eerie montaine forest.

And if you’re seeking perfect tranquillity and relaxation, choose between Lake Chala or the Chemka Hot Springs (or choose both!). An hour’s easy drive from Moshi, Lake Chala is serenity itself. A crater lake on the Kenyan border, it’s a quiet, romantic spot for a long, hand-in-hand walk around the lake or a short stroll directly to its peaceful shores for a swim in the calm waters. The Chemka Hot Springs are geothermally warmed waters that rise up, clear and turquoise, into limpid pools that are a little piece of heaven.

Moshi Day Trips

So, you’ve culture, exploration, nature and relaxation to choose between. How many more reasons do you need for making Moshi the starting point for your Tanzanian adventure?

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