Mount Meru Trekking – Climbing Kilimanjaro’s Little Brother

The second tallest peak in Tanzania is well worth a climb in its own right and is frequently used for acclimatisation and as a warm-up climb for Mount Kilimanjaro. Mount Meru is regarded as Kilimanjaro’s smaller brother, although it is nevertheless the fifth tallest peak on the African continent. Come to Mount Meru trekking with Viva Africa Tours for an unforgettable experience.

Don’t Underrate Mount Meru

While Kilimanjaro is higher and more famous, Mount Meru gives climbers an unforgettable experience. Mount Meru trekking takes you through many regions and has its own breathtaking perspectives, and this mountain is far from little! Meru, at 4,565 metres in height, is a magnificent active stratovolcano that lost its whole eastern wall in an 8,000-year-old eruption. 

Mount Meru was given its magnificent horseshoe crater after a major portion of the volcano was blown away, which is still one of its most talked about characteristics today.

Mount Meru trekking is difficult due to the steep slopes, and with the distraction of altitude, the climb becomes much more difficult.

Mount Meru Trekking Tours

The trip to the summit of Mount Meru takes 3 to 4 days, and you may choose between two hiking alternatives to tackle Meru at a faster or somewhat slower pace.

Meru, located in the middle of Arusha National Park, keeps an eye on the park’s outstanding flora and animals and the surrounding city of Arusha. Mount Meru’s lush slopes rise above the savannah. They are home to a diverse range of animals, including approximately 400 bird species, buffalos, leopards, giraffes, and several monkey species like baboons and colobus monkeys.

The prospect of seeing wildlife in its native environment is very appealing for anybody contemplating Mount Meru trekking excursions, and trekkers will be accompanied at all times by armed rangers just in case the wildlife gets a little too near.


Mount Meru Trekking

The ascent to the summit of this volcano is spectacular, taking us through various plant zones, including meadows, deep and lush green rainforest, heath and moorland around the crater rim, and the alpine desert.

Because Mount Meru hiking is frequently used to acclimate and warm up for the hard trip up Mount Kilimanjaro, we are glad to offer Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru combined excursions. Mount Meru will enthral you with its spectacular panoramas of its surrounds and views of its big brother, Mount Kilimanjaro, to the east, whether you trek it alone or in conjunction with Kilimanjaro.

Most useful Time to Take a Mount Meru Trekking Tour

Mount Meru may be walked all year, but the ideal time to do it is during the dry season, which runs from June to the beginning of March. If you plan a Mount Meru hiking excursion in November or December, you should be prepared for rain. We recommend scheduling your Meru hike in January or February to get the greatest views of Africa’s snow-capped roof, Mount Kilimanjaro.

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