How to pick a good hostel in Tanzania

How to pick a good hostel in Tanzania during your travels is as important as which part of the country you choose to visit. We believe that a hostel is a vibe, a combination of many factors that will determine how comfortable your travels will be. You must consider the services, the facilities and the environment. You want to stay somewhere that feels like a home, away from home! 

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Here’s a list of what you should watch out for when trying to pick a good hostel in Tanzania:

Safety, safety … safety:

Well, we cannot emphasize this enough. Make sure you stay in a safe, secure area. Don’t stay somewhere too remote, because you don’t want to be walking alone on deserted streets on your own especially in the evening hours. Secondly, make sure your hostel has lockers. If they do not mention this on their website, contact the property to find out. Or better, read the guest reviews.

Look for quality:

It may be tempting to book the cheapest hostel available; however, some of these hostels can be quite uncomfortable and unhygienic. After a week-long trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, you really need a good night’s sleep. Therefore, do not compromise on quality.


In today’s time the internet is as important as a daily meal. Correct us if we are wrong. Unless, of course, you plan on a digital detox ? Make sure your hostel offers FREE wi-fi though, otherwise you will find yourself paying through the nose. Travel vloggers, content creators and digital nomads definitely need Wi-Fi in order to work on their content while traveling.


Look out for a common area or bar where you can meet new people and socialize. This is a huge plus point especially if you are traveling solo. Some good hostels like Rafiki Backpackers and Guesthouse offer swimming facilities, barbeques, day-trips and group tours for those interested.


Your hostel should not be too far from the places you plan to visit. If you plan to climb Kilimanjaro, for example, it is wiser to get a hostel in Moshi town. If a safari is part of your itinerary, Arusha can be a good location too. Basically, you do not want to waste much time and money on logistics.


The staff at a hostel has to be warm and welcoming. They should be able to help you get around and get things done. Ideally, hostel staff have all the information about the local area, and can advise you on where to eat, what activities to engage in, where to change money and much more. After all, they will be your family during your stay in Tanzania!

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