Tips for travelling Tanzania Solo!

There is much to see in Tanzania, and it can be fun even when you are travelling solo. What is best about travelling alone you may ask? You get to explore on your own terms! You decide where you want to stay, what you want to eat and what activities to indulge in. You could choose to spend all your days in sunny Zanzibar or spend time in the wilderness of the national parks. Sounds perfect, does it not?

Here are some tips that may be useful on your travels alone:


Do some prior research before you leave. Things such as the weather, language and dress code. The weather in Tanzania is usually warm, but it can get cold between June and August. You may want to be prepared for any rains or the hot sun, depending on the dates of travel. Moreover, knowing a few words in Kiswahili would be very helpful when you need to get around or go shopping. It is also advised that you dress modestly in certain areas because a large percentage of the country is Muslim.

If this is your first time travelling solo, book your accommodation before you get to the airport. The last thing you want to do is run around looking for hotels after a long flight. It would be wise to also have your hotel address saved in your phone since internet / Wi-Fi may be hard to get at the airport.


It is important that your family understands what you plan to do, and that they can take it in positively. Yes, your parents or spouse could get a little worried if this is your first travel solo. Therefore, you need to plan out your conversation and make them understand why you want to do this.


Everything good starts when you leave your comfort zone. Overcome those fears, because what awaits you is exciting and wonderous. Tanzania is generally a safe country compared to many African countries. People are nicer here. Violence and theft are far less in the Kilimanjaro region in specific. However, this does not mean you let go completely. You have to be cautious and careful anywhere in the world.

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You may want to plan out how to spend your time on the plane especially if it is in the daytime. Take a book to read or perhaps some crosswords! Also pack some mints, toothbrush, perfume and pain medication just in case of a headache. Most importantly, stay hydrated. This will make your travels easier. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Also, it would be good to wear loose fitting clothes.

All in all, Tanzania is a great place to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Discover Stone Town in Zanzibar at your own pace or go on a group Safari with other travelers, the choice is all yours!

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