Best places to spend Christmas in Tanzania

The exciting festive season is here and we are all feeling the Christmas spirit. The best places to spend Christmas in Tanzania are those that offer scenery, adventure and joy. Once you are in Tanzania, the options are plenty but we have our favourite picks right here!

As opposed to celebrating the conventional way, Christmas in Tanzania has sunny skies and blue waters. Wildlife and nature. So if you are looking to do something different this year, say goodbye to winter and hello to summer!

Mount Kilimanjaro:

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Ans spending your holidays here will give you a unique memory to remember forever.


The popular Machame route is highly recommended for the adventure seekers who love to go on a trek! With 8 days up the mountain. You enjoy beautiful scenery as you ascend and also there is that hint of a challenge as well!

If you’re a first timer, we can help to guide you on how to best prepare for your hiking adventure.

You’ll approach the peaks of Kilimanjaro from the southwest, passing the massive expanse of the Shira Plateau, the imposing peaks of the Lava Tower, and the spectacular Southern Ice Field. The experience of getting to Uhuru peak is unforgettable. The ideal way to celebrate Christmas and New year.

Serengeti National Park:

One of the best National Parks in the country, we vouch for this park. Complete the Northern circuit or simply just go to the Serengeti.

Going on a safari during the holidays takes you away from the hustle and bustle of city life, transporting you to a world of flora and fauna. A world of wildlife, beautiful skies and breathtaking nature.

Lioness in Serengeti

Imagine witnessing the Big Five, camping in the midst of the wild or staying at a luxurious lodge and spoiling yourself after a long game drive.

Pack your safari wear, camera and binoculars because you’re in for a fun Christmas!


An exotic island in Tanzania, Zanzibar is thriving when it comes to beach holiday destinations. If you are a beach person then Zanzibar is the place for you. The beautiful Zanzibar beaches will leave you mesmerized.


You can appreciate the history of Stone town, discover spices and local cuisines, as well as learn about the rich local culture. Moreover, there are world class beaches where you can simply unwind and relax while you sip on your favourite cocktail on the beach.


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