What to pack for a safari in Tanzania

When packing for a Tanzanian safari, it’s important to consider which national park you are going to, duration of the trip, and the specific activities you’ll be participating in. Either way, there are quite a few essential items you should consider carrying in your safari travel bag. Here’s a list of items to help you get started:

1. Clothing:

   – Lightweight, breathable, and neutral-colored clothing (long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and a hat).
   – Warm clothing for cool evenings or early morning game drives.
   – Swimsuit (if your accommodation has a pool).
   – Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots.
   – Socks and underwear.
   – Rain jacket or poncho.

2. Personal Essentials:

   – Valid passport and necessary travel documents.
   – Travel insurance information.
   – Prescription medications and a basic first aid kit.
   – Insect repellent and sunscreen.
   – Hand sanitizer and wet wipes.
   – Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc.).
   – Personal hygiene products.
   – Quick-drying towel.

3. Photography Equipment:

   – Camera with extra batteries and memory cards.
   – Binoculars for wildlife viewing.
   – Lens cleaning kit.
   – Tripod or monopod for stabilizing your camera.
   – Protective camera bag or case.

4. Electronics and Miscellaneous:

   – Universal power adapter.
   – Portable charger and charging cables.
   – Headlamp or flashlight.
   – Multi-tool or Swiss army knife.
   – Travel pillow and eye mask.
   – Waterproof dry bag for protecting electronics and valuables.
   – Cash (local currency and small bills for tipping).
Safari in Serengeti

5. Safari Gear:

   – Lightweight daypack or backpack.
   – Water bottle or hydration bladder.
   – Binoculars for wildlife viewing.
   – Safari guidebooks 
   – Field notebook and pens.
Remember to check the specific requirements and recommendations given for Tanzania.
Also, pack light and prioritize essentials, as excessive luggage can be inconvenient during air travel and safari.
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