Two day Safari at Tarangire National Park

A two day Safari is largely popular because it gives great value. For the Safari lovers, Tanzania has plenty of options for you. From the gorgeous plains of the Ngorongoro crater, to the vast Serengeti National Park. Depending on the time you spend in the country and what places you plan to visit in your itinerary, Viva Africa Tours can arrange the ultimate safari for you.


Tarangire is one of the popular National Parks in Tanzania, known for its abundant elephants. The ideal way to get here would be to land at Kilimanjaro International airport, after which you can either stay in Arusha or Moshi and then plan your safari to Tarangire National Park.

The distance to the park from Arusha is fairly short, but speed limits and traffic could possibly slow the journey down. If you are wondering what to expect in a two day safari, you are definitely in the right place!

Usually, you would leave for the park in the early morning hours, to catch some good wildlife during your game drive. Be sure to buy a good camera and a good pair of binoculars. As your game drive begins you will see cute little deer-like creatures called dic-dics, very similar to Bambi! Also expect to see plenty of Giraffes up-close, warthogs, zebras and if you are luck, the lion too!

But the main attraction of Tarangire National Park are its numerous elephants. Watch them cool their bodies in large ponds of water during the hot days, or just walking around the park. Watch out for the Wild Bull elephant, with large tusks. The elephant has a bullet hole on its right ear, a sign that poaching is a huge problem all over the world. We promise you, seeing an elephant up-close is something you will never forget. They are truly one of the most interesting mammals.

Some of you may enjoy bird watching, to learn and observe the plenty of bird species in Tanzania.

After your game drive you can choose to stay at some of the luxury camps around the park, each one having self-contained tents. The lodges are safe, tents are clean, the accommodation is much above average and the food is delicious.

In the evenings you can relax in the outdoors and view the beautiful African skies, or enjoy some beers around a nice bonfire.

The next day you can choose to be up early for a second game drive and then head back home or to your next destination.



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