Tips for traveling with a group in Tanzania

Group travel and traveling with a group in Tanzania is very common. People from all over the world book group tours. You could choose to join a group at your destination; this way you meet new people and cut costs significantly. Alternatively, you can come with your group of friends or family and go on your Tanzanian adventure together. All you need to do is contact your tour agent and they arrange a group for you. It is a wonderful experience. Here are some tips we put together for traveling with a group in Tanzania:

Choose an itinerary:

Choose the right itinerary that will suit you and whoever else you travel with.

For climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you must do your research and see what route you want to take up the mountain. If you choose a safari, decide how many days you want to spend here. For some The Perfect First safari would be ideal, and others want to spend more time in the bush so they would want something more elaborate. Lastly, if you all want a package, decide whether you’re going to do a combination of Kilimanjaro and Safari, Safari and Zanzibar, or Kilimanjaro Zanzibar. All kinds of tour packages are available and can be tailored to your group needs.

Agree on a budget:

If you choose to travel with friends and family, make sure everyone is ok with the budget. Everyone should be able to afford the trip. If you are just joining an already existing group once you get to Tanzania, then you need to know your own budget and see if you can afford this group tour.

Agree on accommodation:

A large group would ideally stay at a hostel. Moshi and Arusha have good standard hostels with decent facilities and welcoming staff. Hostels like Rafiki Backpackers and guesthouse offer swimming facilities too. Hostels are generally cheaper, and give you the option to cook your own meals as well.

Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace (15 seats)

Keep money aside for food and drink:

Here, everyone can put in some money that will later be used to buy food and drinks. This way if you all go for meals and drinks together, you know everyone contributed equally. If someone wants something personal/additional and specific, they can buy that themselves.


Take everyone’s interests into consideration:

There may be times when group members want to do something that you do not want to. In such cases it is important to let them continue and be patient. Secondly, if you want to do something separately, that is also ok. Everyone needs their space.


Traveling in a group cuts down expenses quite significantly, and it can be fun, too!

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