Tarangire National Park, the home of elephants!

If you are planning a trip to Tanzania, be sure not to miss going on a safari to Tarangire! The beautiful Tarangire National Park is located not too far from Arusha. A short and pleasant drive, you are bound to see lots of wildlife, and more so, elephants!


Here are some facts that you may not know about elephants: The male elephant, also known as the bull elephant, can grow up to 13 feet tall and can weigh 14,000 pounds. Elephants have the largest brains, quite literally. Their brains are highly developed too. Additionally, they have a slow pulse rate compared to us humans. Here is one quite obvious fact – They cannot jump, needless to say, because of their body size. But do not be deceived by their slow strides, because they do run fast.

As you enter the national park you will see elephants in abundance. Male, female and babies too. They could be taking a walk in the hot sun, feeding on vegetation (they are herbivores) or taking a dip in the water ponds to cool off their bodies. Quite a remarkable experience, if you ask us!

Tarangire holds much more than just elephants. You are likely to see the dic-dic, warthogs, Giraffes and lions. It is however difficult to spot all the big 5 at this park. Some people like to indulge in some bird-watching.
On your safari you will have a variety of accommodation options, that can fit different budgets. The lodges here are of high standard – swimming pools, clean rooms, good food and comfortable beds. You just have to tell us what you like!

In preparation for your trip, you may want to pack something warm incase the nights get chilly. Also take some sun screen for the hot days and mosquito repellent for the dark nights! Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes and don’t forget your hat and binoculars! Last but not the least- a good camera! These adventures need to be saved and remembered!

The tour guides at Viva Africa Tours are committed to making sure all clients are comfortable and happy. Put your trust in us and know that we will make sure your every need is met!

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