Reasons to visit Tanzania

Here are reasons to visit Tanzania. Tanzania is known for safaris, sure. But what else is there to do in Tanzania? Here are reasons to visit Tanzania.

This big and beautiful country offers amazing road trips, world-class safaris, gorgeous beaches and the renowned Mount Kilimanjaro.

Amazing accommodation:


When you think of Tanzania, some may be wary of what to expect when it comes to comfort and overall hospitality expectations. Well, you’re in for a surprise! National Parks in Tanzania offer 5-star and even 7-star accommodation, in the wild! Not only can you find fabulous accommodation on safari, but also on the beaches of Zanzibar. There are hotels to suit all budgets – we can get you the package you prefer.

Unique sleeps:

Tanzania has incredible backpacker hostels, luxury hotels, private campsites, public campsites and other unique accommodation options. Our favorite one is the maasai village experience, where you get to stay in actual Maasai huts, meet the people and learn their culture. A few places offer this, where the huts mimic a typical maasai home but with the bonus of the typical hotel services and amenities.

Direct flights:

There are direct flights from many parts of the world to Kilimanjaro, Dar Es Salam and Zanzibar. With major tourist attractions like Mount Kilimanjaro and Serengeti National Park, you know you will always find a convenient route to Tanzania.


The climate in Tanzania is favorable throughout the year – with most days being hot and sunny, some rain in March and April, a little cooler in June and July. This means you can plan your holiday at any time you like! It’s always summer in this part of the world!


All experiences in one:

You get beaches, a beautiful Mountain and world renown National Parks in one country at unbeatable prices – then why not? We call it the ultimate holiday experience. You can do it all in just one package.


Warm hospitality:

The people of Tanzania are exceptionally friendly, warm and welcoming. When you get good service and a warm welcome, the stay is always much more pleasurable. You will feel at home, away from home.

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