Plan your travels during social isolation

Social isolation has got many of us reminiscing about our travels; wishing we were flying to an exotic beach location or heading out to and exciting trekking expedition up Mount Kilimanjaro. Staying at home can be difficult. Even more so when we cannot meet our friends, family and loved ones.


We urge you to seize this opportunity and use this time to indulge in a new skill, meditate, exercise and appreciate what you have today. Plan your travels, even if you cannot go immediately. Here is what you can do in the meantime, as we wait for the world to heal:


Read about the countries in the world, list and prioritize the one you would like to visit first. Read on the different towns and cities you can visit, how to explore these places on your own and the different activities you can do here. A planned holiday is a good holiday!

You can alternatively search for good tour agencies that will organize the whole trip for you.

Lioness in Serengeti

If you plan to go on a Safari, it’s best you read more about bird life, nature and the Big Five. So, when you actually encounter these on your adventure, you already will know so much about them. This makes the experience even better. If you are keen on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, read on preparation tips so you know what to expect. Mental and physical preparation is key.


Hey, what better opportunity than now to save? If you still have an income during these difficult times, be grateful and save this money for future investments or travel. While on lockdown, you will most certainly save on expenses like the commute to work, eating out, entertainment and weekend getaways.

Start a journal

Take this time to design your very own travel journal, where you can jot down all your special memories during your travels in the future. It would be a good Idea to get a photo album as well, all with a personalized design where you can treasure all your beautiful captured moments.


Learn a foreign Language:

Learning a language needs dedication, so take this golden opportunity to learn that foreign language you always wanted to speak. It will help you so much while you travel. If you plan to come to Tanzania, now is when you can take up a Swahili class. German and French are also very common and widely spoken languages.

Brighter days are coming – Postpone, don’t cancel!



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