Meet the Maasai- a cultural experience in Tanzania

The word ‘maasai’ makes us think of Tanzania. Have you ever met the maasai people? It is an amazing cultural experience in Tanzania. For those who may not know, you may be asking, who are the maasai people?


The maasai is a tribe found in East Africa. Specifically Kenya and Tanzania. The maasai people are so unique, in that they used to feed on the milk and blood of livestock cattle. Without killing the animals. Over the years they started to grow maize and cabbage too.

The maasai have a very rich culture and tradition that many are curious to learn about. Ever seen their beadwork in for of bracelets, colorful necklaces and much more?

The maasai village is found in the Ngorongoro conservation area of Tanzania. When you book a tour here, there is much to see and experience. Imagine spending the day and overnight with the maasai people in their maasai village. You will discover their culture, craft, food and much more.

What more you will see in this Maasai tour is the small museum, a walk with the maasai, one-on-one interaction with them and just getting to know them more.



Here is a summary of what you will expect to do on an overnight trip to the masai village:

The friendly Maasai will greet you with a traditional welcome song and dance and some fresh juice. Your guide will show you around the village and you’ll check in to your hut where you’ll later spend the night.

After settling in, you’ll visit the little museum where your guide will tell you all about the history, social organisation and tools of Maasai people. You will then enjoy a traditional Maasai lunch and after you’ll visit a midwife and herbalist in one of decorated huts, where you’ll learn about traditional plant remedies and the Maasai’s strong spiritual attachment to the land.

After a break for coffee you’ll take a herbal walk into the bush to discover more about the plants and their usage.



Our maasai village overnight trip is very popular. Take a look at our full itinerary and you will not want to miss it.

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