Fun Weekend getaways in Northern Tanzania

You may be looking for fun weekend getaways during your trip in Northern Tanzania. For those who came to climb the mighty Kilimanjaro, or those that came for the ultimate safari experience – You may want to spend a few more days in this beautiful country after your adventures are complete.


After finishing Kilimanjaro or safari, you may want to relax somewhere nice and peaceful where you can appreciate some good food and give your body the much needed rest before heading back home. These places are not too far from Arusha and Moshi so you will not spend too much time on the road.

Here are some of our preferred ways to spend the weekends:

Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge

A few minutes away from Arusha near Usa River, Northern Tanzania, lies this gorgeous lodge that feels like a home away from home. We love this lodge because it spells out luxury in every form. The serene swimming pool area, a wonderful massage parlor with excellent massage services, a place to play petanque, horse riding and boat riding, too! Yes, you can go on a romantic boat ride with your loved one here. Best of all, they have great rooms and delicious food. The perfect lodge to wind down!

Kilimanjaro Luxury Camp

This tented lodge is located within Moshi town, so it is ideal to go after the Kilimanjaro hike. They too have a lovely swimming pool and spa, and you can also enjoy some local cuisine here. Expect some peace and quiet, a great way to end your holidays!


Arusha National Park

Another of our favorites is Arusha National park. This is because it is a boutique park that has almost everything to offer. Game viewing, a waterfall, crater and lakes. If you can squeeze in one more short safari during the weekend, why not! You can then choose whether you want to stay in the park or go back to your accommodation in Moshi/Arusha.


TPC Golf Club

A 30 minute drive from Moshi to Arusha Chini will lead you to a cosy Golf Club tucked in the middle of an entire sugar plantation! Cool right? You can use your time here to play golf, swim and eat exceptional continental food at the Planters Restaurant. They have comfortable and high standard accommodation as well if you wish to stay the night.

Africa Amini Life Maasai Lodge

Also in the Kilimanjaro region, we recommend this lodge because it gives you a local Maasai experience. The accommodation offers luxury in earth houses- it feels exactly like a maasai village. The restaurant has both international and Swahili food. Spend the days going on a walking safari and interacting with the maasai. To relax, there is a rest area, a massage room as well as a pool and sauna.

These fun weekend getaways in northern Tanzania will make your trip worthwhile!

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