I am joining a group safari. How can I get in touch with my fellow travellers before the trip?

We adhere to data privacy best practice so we don’t share the details of your fellow travellers unless they have expressly agreed to it. But we do ask our guests if they are happy with sharing contact details, and if they are, then we share. Half the fun of a trip is making new...

Can I store excess luggage during my trek or safari?

Yes, we can store all your items that you won’t need on your trek or safari for you, and hand them back safe and sound when you return to Moshi. We’d appreciate that you don’t bring your grand piano with you, though.

What’s the best way to carry money?

We recommend a mix of money: credit card and cash in US Dollars. Moshi has plenty of banks, where you can withdraw money with your Visa (preferred) or MasterCard. Since there is a daily withdrawal limit of 1,000,000 Tanzanian shilling (roughly 570 USD) you should carry some US...

Is there internet access?

Yes, internet access is possible. Moshi has a few internet cafés as well as restaurants/bars with wifi access. Most of the hotels offer free wifi. The speed of the internet differs from place to place. Please keep in mind that our infrastructure might not be as up to speed as in...

Will I have mobile coverage?

We love Tanzania but we have to admit our telecommunication coverage isn’t all that great and it’s a nice surprise if our own mobiles work everywhere. Your best bet is to contact your phone provider before you travel to check for global roaming and prices. Alternatively, you can...

What kind of adapter do I need to charge my electronic devises?

Tanzania has two type of plugs Type G (British) and Type D (Old British). Type G is the more common plug, but there are still places that use Type G. We recommend to bring an adapter that covers both plugs.

What documents do I need to carry with me?

We’ve prepared a complete packing list, which will give you an overview of what travel documents you’ll need to carry with you. We recommend you make copies of your documents (you can also take pictures with your smartphone and store them in the cloud online so that you can...

What is the local currency in Tanzania?

Tanzania’s currency is the Tanzanian shilling (TZS). It’s called the shilingi in Swahili One US Dollar is worth 2241 TZS (September 2017). Bills: 10,000 TZS; 5,000 TZS; 2,000 TZS; 1,000 TZS and 500 TZS Coins: 500 TZS, 200 TZS, 100 TZS and 50 TZS.

Do you help with visas?

Sorry, we can’t help you with the visa application process but you can apply easily through the Tanzanian embassy in your home country.

What are the visa requirements for Tanzania?

It’s best to check your visa requirements with Tanzania’s embassy in your home country, or with your foreign office department. Visa rules differ depending on where you’re from. The Tanzanian embassy website will always have the latest information about requirements and...