Best locations for photography in Tanzania

Tanzania offers a diverse range of landscapes and wildlife, offering many fantastic opportunities for photography. Some of the best places to take photos in Tanzania include:

Serengeti National Park:

Known for its vast savannah plains and incredible wildlife, snap some photos of the big five, or a fantastic selfie with the wildlife in the background. For travel bloggers and vloggers, remember to take your professional camera. You would not want to miss this opportunity on your Tanzanian safari.

Safari in Serengeti

Ngorongoro Crater:

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to a wide variety of wildlife, and a must-see, take photos of the stunning views from the rim. The perfect place to encounter all the Big Five!


Mount Kilimanjaro:

Africa’s highest peak and the world’s highest free-standing mountain offers spectacular sceneries for those looking for landscape photography on their Tanzanian trek.



This tropical island off the coast of Tanzania is known for its beautiful beaches, historic Stone Town, and vibrant culture. Needless to say, photos by the beach are an essential part of your photography endeavor. History in stone town is so picturesque you will want to capture the architecture and old streets.


Lake Manyara National Park:

Known for its tree-climbing lions and flamingos, this park offers unique views that you may not find elsewhere. We know how beautiful the pink feathers of flamingoes are.

Lake Manyara

Mahale Mountains National Park:

Home to chimpanzees and stunning views of Lake Tanganyika, you may want to discover this hidden gem.

Lake Chala:

Lake Chala just needs a day trip, a spot not too far from Moshi town. The views of the lake are stunning and definitely worth a visit while you are in Tanzania.


Remember to respect the wildlife and nature while taking photos, and think of hiring a local guide with Viva Africa Tours to make the most of your photographic opportunities in Tanzania.


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