Backpacking in Tanzania

Backpacking in Tanzania is probably one of the richest experiences you could have in the country. Enjoy the outdoors like never before.

Backpacking basically means carrying all your necessary essentials in ONE backpack! If your plan is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, make sure you have all the essential gear ready before your travels.

Here are some great tips for your backpacking adventure in Tanzania:

Essential Wear and Gear:

The key to budget travel is hiring or borrowing expensive gear. Make sure nothing is too heavy and is adjustable in size. For clothing, Nylon and polyester are great because they dry up quickly. For Kilimanjaro, you will definitely need to layer up as it gets very cold towards the peak.

Set your own goals:

Set your own goals, and go at your own pace. There is no need to push yourself beyond your limits. As long as you are moderately fit and you have set your mind to it, you will make it. Read about Tanzania, the different locations you would like to visit and what to expect at each place you go.


Be prepared for anything, it could be altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro or even something as simple as dehydration. Pack essential medications and ensure you are well hydrated at all times. Keep drinking water throughout your trip.


There are plenty of backpacker’s hostels in the Kilimanjaro region. Very affordable and budget friendly, so you will definitely be saving quite a bit on accommodation. Before and after your Kilimanjaro climb you can stay in Moshi, and if you decide to proceed to a beach holiday you will find plenty of cheap accommodation in Zanzibar too.

Travel with a friend:

Traveling with a friend turns out much cheaper than traveling solo. This is because you can share the cost on accommodation, you would need just one tent to share for two and of course, you share your experiences together!



Try to avoid carrying too many valuables. If you do, keep them well zipped inside your bags. Try not to leave your phone or money in your pocket, instead carry a shoulder-strap bag for your passport, money and phone. Otherwise, apart from the occasional petty theft, Tanzania is a very safe country. The people are respectful, honest, warm and welcoming.

Karibuni Tanzania!

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