Affordable beach holiday in Zanzibar

Plan an affordable beach holiday. If you don’t want to spend extravagantly on popular tourist destinations like the Maldives or the Bora Bora islands, worry not- we have an ideal beach destination for you! Zanzibar, a gorgeous island located in Tanzania, will offer you everything you need – at a cheaper price!


The white sands, palm trees, history, local spice markets and local culture will leave you amazed.

Affordable Accommodation:

Zanzibar has many budget friendly all-inclusive hotels. It is perfect if you are looking to unwind after a an amazing Tanzanian safari or Kilimanjaro climb. The best part is that the island offers all kinds of accommodation. So, whether you want luxury or budget, there is something for everyone.


You could end up spending around 60 USD per person per day; excluding flights and accommodation. But this of course can vary largely depending on your preferences. The activities you carry out every day, how much you move around, buying souvenirs, et al are all factors to consider. You could choose street food over fine dining, for example. The street food here is delicious and very affordable.

Affordable Activities:

We recommend that you stay a few days by the beach, and a few days in Stone Town. Stone town is great to experience for at least two days. We love the old buildings, spices, sea food and the people. All in all, the sights and sounds of Stone Town are the essence of Zanzibar.

When it comes to the beach side, we recommend beach-facing properties. Here you could get some quiet time and also maybe enjoy a few of the parties they have. If you are a fan of water sports, try Kayaking, kite surfing or jet skiing.


You can also book half-day tours if time allows you. A popular place to visit would be Prison Island, a privately-owned and historic island. Interestingly, it is home to the only Aldabra giant tortoise sanctuary in the world. The island boasts gorgeous sandy beaches and amazing coral reefs. If you like snorkeling, or you want to try it out for the first time, Prison Island is a great place for this.

How to get there:

If you are already in Moshi/Arusha for Safari or a Kilimanjaro climb, then the best way to get here would be by flight via Kilimanjaro International airport. For those of you with ample of time, why not take a bus to Dar-es-salaam and from there take a short ride on a speed boat to Zanzibar. An exciting experience indeed. If you opt to take the bus, make sure you get some time to relax in Dar-es-salaam before heading to Zanzibar!


Another option would be to fly directly to Zanzibar, hassle free! It all really depends on your preference.

Better yet, you can combine a Safari and affordable beach holiday in one package! Contact us for more details on this package .

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