Summer holidays are here and you may be looking to unwind and relax under the sun while your kids play in the sandy beaches. Or you could just be looking for a quiet trip away by the beach. Either way, if you want some fun and some sun, this destination is going to take your breath away!

Zanzibar is a little Island along the coast of Tanzania, not too far from Dar-es-salaam city. This tropical island is no less than the famous Seychelles and Mauritius. And to add to that, it is way cheaper! You will enjoy rich culture and history at this beautiful destination.

If you do choose Zanzibar as your next getaway, here are some packing tips we put together for you, so that your travel is smooth and easy. You may want to pay attention to the fabrics and colors. And of course, a good pair of swimming trunks/a good bikini!

Expect to spend a lot of time on the beach, in the water or in the sun. Therefore, we can mix and match your clothes with swimwear.

Here is the perfect pack-list:

But of course, this has to be a number one priority! You are going to a sunny destination after all. You need that skin protected, supple and moisturized. Natural sunscreens are better as opposed to those with chemicals. You want to protect your skin, not harm it with chemicals.

Hat and sunglasses:
To avoid heat strokes or too much sun exposure on your head and face, try look for a hot with a big brim. This goes for both ladies and gents. Also, a good pair of protective sunglasses will go a long way when the day gets bright and sunny.

A good and comfortable pair of shorts would be good when you are out exploring in Stone Town or in the hotel. Either that or a light fabric, loose fitting trouser will do you good especially when in the hotel and chilling by the pool.

For the girls and ladies out there, a summer dress is the most comfortable outfit from all the other choices. It feels light and free. Also, dresses are easier to pack because they weight less and take less space.

Mosquito repellent:
Like most tropical destinations, Tanzania does have mosquitoes. Therefore, it is better to be safe. Carry a repellent with you and make sure to use it every single day, especially in the night hours.

You cannot go on summer holiday without flip-flops! They are convenient especially when you are just in the hotel or when the day is just too hot for shoes.

A book:
If you are a book-lover, why not pack a good novel for your chill-time by the beach or pool?

It is best to carry less make-up. The humidity will probably not let your make-up stay on long anyway. Just pack a lipstick, eyeliner and blush (if you must).

The best deo to purchase would be the anti-perspirant. Chances are you will be sweating A LOT if you are going to explore the town or play sport on the beach.

Well, if you have all these things in your bag, you are ready for Zanzibar! Send us an email and we will be happy to help you plan your trip.