1 Day

Arusha National Park

  • Picnic lunch at the Lakes of Momella
  • Home of the second tallest peak of Tanzania
  • 2 hours walking safari
From 145 USD per person
1 Day

Materuni Waterfalls & Coffee Tour

  • Hike on the slopes of Kilimanjaro
  • Make your own coffee from tree to cup
  • Mingle with the local Chagga tribe
From 40 USD per person
1 Day

Mount Kilimanjaro Day Hike

  • Hike through thick rainforest
  • Walk along the Maudi Crater
  • Get a taste of Kilimanjaro
From 140 USD per person
1 Day

Lake Chala

  • Hike along the crater lake
  • Kayak to the Kenyan side
  • Enjoy the landscape from the viewpoint bar
From 80 USD per person
1 Day

The Moshi & Surroundings Bike Tour

  • Experience an adventure of a very different kind
  • Cycle past villages, rice fields and forests
  • Best views of Kilimanjaro
From 45 USD per person
1 Day

Marangu Day Trip

  • Get a glimpse of Kilimanjaro
  • Dive into Chagga tradition
  • Take a swim in Ndoro Waterfall
From 75 USD per person
1 Day

Tarangire National Park Day Trip

  • Vis-a-vis with the biggest land mammal
  • Explore the picturesque scenery
  • Marvel at the colossal termite mounds
From 145 USD per person
2 Days

Maasai Village Overnight Trip

  • Experience traditions, customs and rituals
  • Embark on a bush walk
  • Overnight in a 100 % traditional Maasai hut
From 170 USD per person