Four places you must visit in Kilimanjaro

While you plan your Kilimanjaro trek, a great idea would be to incorporate an extra day or two to discover the surroundings of Mount Kilimanjaro, too. That is why we put together these four places that you must visit in Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro is a vast region of natural, untouched wonders. Witness nature at its best as you walk through coffee plantations, waterfalls and beautiful lakes.

Materuni waterfalls:


Materuni is a village tucked in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Here is where you can go on a beautiful hike to the Materuni waterfalls. The hike is short but also gives you a little bit of a challenge to conquer. Best part is, that after a tiring hike, you can cool down in the tranquil pool under the waterfalls. And after that, a picnic lunch! Materuni waterfalls is indeed a relaxing place to visit and a great way to spend time in Tanzania.

Materuni Coffee tour:

In the same village of Materuni you will find the very popular coffee farms of Kilimanjaro. Materuni is home to the Chagga tribe.


On the Materuni coffee tour, you learn how coffee is grown, harvested and processed. You get to make your own rich, aromatic coffee. Do note that this is some of the best coffee you will find in the country, thanks to perfect climate and soil.

Lake Chala:

Lake Chala is a treat to the eyes. The striking blue waters will leave you mesmerized. This is the perfect place for some peace and quiet. Only one hour from Moshi town, Lake Chala is a lake formed in a caldera. The water comes from Kilimanjaro through underground streams.


The colours of the lake are remarkable – varying from turquoise to emerald green. You can go swimming in its sparkling waters, and on the other end of the lake you see Kenya!

Maasai Village:

The essence of culture in Tanzania comes from the Maasai tribe. They have a rich culture and tradition – you may have noticed them dressed in colourful beads and wonderful pieces of locally designed cloth. The Maasai Vilage tour will teach you so much about this intriguing tribe. Study them by spending one – on – one time with them , learning their dance, their customs, practices and everyday diet.


The most exciting part of the tour is having the chance to spend a night in a traditional Maasai hut!


All these experiences in Kilimanjaro will leave you feeling fulfilled – you get to trek Mount Kilimanjaro and add more adventures to your itinerary.


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