Five amazing road trip ideas in Tanzania

If you are a road trip person, then this article is for you. We love road trips and these five amazing road trip ideas in Tanzania are sure to keep you busy during your stay here. If you plan to stay in Moshi or Arusha, then there are plenty of places close by to visit. You can book decent accommodation here that won’t break your bank balance.

Ideally, you would want to take a small break after Kilimanjaro or a safari. After some relaxation, hire a car and a driver with us, or you can self-drive to these awesome places in Northern Tanzania. Best part is, you don’t need to spare too many days – these are short drives!

Moshi to Mkomazi National Park

Moshi is a small town near the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is an ideal place to stay because it is close to the mountain an also a great starting point for your Tanzanian Safari.

What we love about Mkomazi National Park is that it has a rhino sanctuary. Yes, you will see rhinos here! It is only a couple of hours away from Moshi and you get to see so much. It is a new establishment and also a favourite of many in the area. Great for weekend getaways, and better yet, you can drive to this park and return on the same day.

Arusha to Tarangire National Park

The drive to Tarangire park is a short, peaceful and relaxing drive. Expect smooth roads, less traffic and just gorgeous scenery. As you many know, Tarangire National Park can also be done in a day, and you can choose to drive there yourself or let us take you.


Moshi to Arusha

This simple, short, yet fun drive is great for those who just want to enjoy the road and stop in Arusha for some shopping and great food. You will pass the beautiful usa river, and see plenty of villages on your way too. Arusha has a few decent places to enjoy a meal. Grab a pizza from pizza hut or a fancy meal at George’s tavern. The options are many and the drive is worth it!


Arusha to Karatu

Why we recommend this drive is simply the scenery and the experience of driving through this part of Northern Tanzania. Our favorite part is the view of Lake Manyara on the way. Stop for a photo and take in the gorgeous scenery of the massive Lake Manyara. A good idea would be to stay at a lodge in Karatu, if you have the time.

Moshi to West Kilimanjaro


Home to the Maasai people, West Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania is bordered in the north by the famous Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Just a short drive away, West Kilimanjaro is a place you would ideally drive to with family. There are some beautiful lodges here where you could stay for the night at affordable rates.


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