Everything you need to know about Ngorongoro Crater

Here is a detailed article about everything you need to know about Ngorongoro crater – From the moment you get to Karatu, to the point of descent, all the way to the point of ascent.


Karatu is a small town not too far from the crater. Many visitors love staying here before their Ngorongoro Crater game drive. It is more affordable than staying on the crater, and the experience is just as beautiful. Needless to stay, staying by the rim of the crater is an experience like no other. You will enjoy delightful views and remarkable wilderness. So, if you can afford it, go for it!

The drive from Arusha to Karatu is quite a fascinating one! Expect to see lots of beautiful landscapes and lovely greenery. Better yet, you will be driving past Lake Manyara too. A breath-taking view point is the cherry on top.

Typically, you would head out to the crater early in the morning. The weather is usually conducive during the morning hours and it is also a great time to spot wildlife.

Ngorongoro conservation area:

As you drive to the crater and once you enter the Ngorongoro conservation area, you may start seeing animals already. You will see a number of buffalos and zebras. There is plenty jungle and greenery around here, followed by vast grassland and bush. Occasionally you see some giraffes feeding on Acacia trees – a wonderful sight indeed.

The ride is quite bumpy, therefore be sure to have your seatbelt on. Ladies, you may need firm supportive clothing, therefore a sports bra is definitely recommended!

Wear something warm since it does get chilly in the mornings, especially at the crater rim/view point. The view point is truly magical – no photo can do justice to the beauty of this crater!

Down the crater:

As you begin your descent down the crater, you will see some Maasai huts, where the local Maasais live. The view of the crater floor will gradually become more visible. A large variety of flora and fauna is encircled by the Ngorongoro crater. This is what makes it so special – that there is so much life in here.



Imagine spotting all kinds of wildlife. Starting with the buffalo, numerous Zebras, warthogs, birdlife and the most exciting one of all; the lion! You will go on a game drive to spot all these animals and probably proceed to the Hippo Pool for a picnic lunch. Yes, you will see hippos, too!

Those fortunate enough may spot a live hunt. A lion chasing a buffalo and hunting it down is a sight to remember. Make sure you have a pair of binoculars and keep your eye open for lions. Our guides are experts and will probably help you spot these special occurrences.


On your ascent, the road is full tarmac and pretty simple. Your drive back to your lodge will be much shorter, so you could even make it back for a hot lunch if you choose not to have a picnic.

Ngorongoro Crater is not to be missed, so make sure it is part of your safari itinerary.


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