A perfect safari at Arusha National Park

For those who didn’t know, Arusha National Park is a boutique National Park in Northern Tanzania. It is a good option for those limited on time, since you only need a full day here. Moreover, it’s so close to Arusha town, and a little more than an hour away from Moshi town.


We love Arusha National Park because it has everything to offer. From lakes to craters to wildlife. So we recently went on a day safari here and thought we’d share our amazing experience with you guys!

We started with a walking safari, where we went on a short trek with a ranger. You get to see wildlife here like never before, simply because you are on foot as opposed to being in a vehicle. Getting up-close with a giraffe in the wild, now that’s something you want to remember for the rest of your life.


Expect to see baboons, warthogs, loads of buffalos and hippos too! The trek among the serene park is a treat to the eyes. Lots of greenery everywhere. You eventually end up at a beautiful waterfall, where you can take pictures and maybe even take a dip. Keep in mind, it does get cold here sometimes!


After the trek you hop on to your safari vehicle and head to the giant fig tree arc. This park is very popularly known for this tree, and the cool photos you can take here for your Instagram!

Then we head to the Momela lakes, a series of big and small lakes where you may see flamingoes. Did you ever wonder where they get their pink colour from? Well, flamingoes feed on algae in alkaline water which is what gives them their pink colour. The lakes are beautiful and we love having lunch by these lakes. Stop for a picnic and enjoy the views.


On your way to the lakes, you may see the leopard and some Zebras. After the lakes you can drive up to Ngurudoto crater. Ngurdoto Crater is a volcanic crater. The crater is 3.6 km wide and 100m deep. It is surrounded by forest whilst the crater floor is a swamp.

After a lovely game drive at the park, you can then choose to return to Arusha or Moshi. However, there is a lodge in the park that you can stay at to gain the entire experience. Hatari lodge is a cosy lodge tucked in the middle of the park, and it certainly is a fine experience to stay inside the park.



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