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I am joining a group safari. How can I get in touch with my fellow travellers before the trip?

Due to data privacy we can not give out fellow travellers contact details unless people agreed to it. We ask with booking, if people are fine with having their personal information passed on.
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Can I store excess luggage during my trek or safari?

Yes, we can store all items you won’t need on your trek or safari. We hand them back to you after you return to Moshi.
Serengeti National Park

What is the recommended way to carry money?

We recommend a mix of money: credit card and cash money in US Dollars. Moshi has plenty of banks, where you can withdraw money with your Visa (preferred) or MasterCard. Since there is a daily withdrawal limit of 1,000,000 Tanzanian Shilling (roughly 570 USD) you should carry some...
Serengeti National Park

Will I be able to have internet access?

Yes, internet access is possible. Moshi has a few internet cafés as well as restaurants/bars with wifi access. Most of the hotels offer free wifi. The speed of the internet differs from place to place. Please keep in mind we are still in Africa and the infrastructure is not as...
Serengeti National Park

Will I have mobile coverage?

We can never promise your phone will work as desired in Tanzania. We are a developing country and especially telecommunication is not as good as in the First World countries. To avoid surprises, please contact your provider and ask for global roaming and prices. Alternatively,...
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What kind of adapter do I need to charge my electronic devises?

Tanzania has two type of plugs Type G (British) and Type D (Old British). Type G is the more common plug, but there are still places that use Type G. We recommend to bring an adapter that covers both plugs.
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What documents do I need to carry with me?

Please download Viva Africa Tours’ packing list, which gives you an complete overview of what travel documents to carry with you. We recommend to make copies of your documents and to carry two extra passport photos with you.
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What is the local currency in Tanzania?

Tanzania’s currency is the Tanzanian Shilling (TZS). One US Dollar is worth 1900 TSZ (April 2015). Bills: 10,000 TZS; 5,000 TZS; 2,000 TZS; 1,000 TZS and 500 TZS; Coins: 500 TZS, 200 TZS, 100 TZS and 50 TZS.
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Do you help with visas?

Viva Africa Tours’ can not assist in the actual visa application process. You can do this through the Tanzanian embassy in your home country.
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What are the visa requirements for Tanzania?

We recommend to check Tanzania’s embassy in your home country. Visa rules differ depending on your nationality. The Tanzanian embassy website will always have the latest information about requirements, costs and will provide you with the required forms.